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Trouble in Terrorist Town - Rules


1. No RDM
2. No ghosting
3. No racism!
4. No mic or text spamming. Voice changers are not allowed.
5. No harassing other players
6. No innapropriate sprays
7. No claiming rooms
8. No crowbar fighting
9. No camping/delaying when majority of players are dead
10. No prop surfing to unreachable areas
11. No prop killing as spectator
12. No Traitor baiting!
13. You can only kill AFK players in overtime
14. You are not allowed to kill anyone on suspicion even in overtime (need proof)
15. No throwing discombobulators or incendiaries in areas that can kill players! (Unless you're a Traitor)
16. You may NOT kill anyone for following you!
17. Killing yourself after breaking a rule does not excuse you from being slain next round
18. Respect the Staff and their judgement
19. You can only sit in Spectator for up to 1 map
(Unless you are Staff or a Donator such as Vip, Pro, Mod etc)


RDM (Innocents/Detectives)
Randomly damaging or killing other players.
Killing someone on suspicion.
Killing someone for following you.
Randomly prop damaging or killing.
Crowbar fighting.
If you allow someone to kill you, its still considered RDM.

Using third party chat to inform player of in-game events they are not yet aware of.
This includes using in-game private chat, admin chat, steam chat, Skype, TeamSpeak, etc.
This includes giving away information about yourself.
Using public chat, team chat and spectator chat will ensure you aren't ghosting.
Any other forms of communication could result in inadvertently ghosting and we will enforce it.

Prop Surfing
Any area of the map that is inaccessible without using props is considered unreachable.
Prop surfing into the sky is allowed as long as you're in plain sight.
You can not prop surf to a place that someone can not normally get to at all.

Prop Killing - Prop Play
If someone is a prop you are not allowed to play with them at all.
Picking them up or throwing them or damaging them in any way will get you slayed next round.
If someone is a prop and tries to damage another player in any way they will also be slayed next round.

Traitorous Acts:

Breaking testers
Shooting near people
Destroying Detective Equipment
Throwing incendiaries
Having Traitor weapons w/o explanations
Destroying a Health Station
Planting C4
Disposing of weapons/bodies with DNA on them
Running at someone with a knife even if it's called out
Standing near non-attacking chickens/ being constantly attacked by turtles that don't do damage (Ts aren't hurt by them)

All of the above may result in you being killed. Don't complain if it happens.


1st time - Slay*
2nd time - Slay*
3rd time - Slay 2 rounds*
4th time - Ban 2 days
5th time - Ban 1 week
* This only applies if a report has been filed.
* Also if the reporting player decides a slay is not necessary that is fine as some things can be accidental.
* As a moderator you need to listen to both sides of the report to base your decision.
* All Slays will be done at next round.
* If you're slain for RDM, you have to stay the whole round or it's considered RDM & leave.

RDM & Leave
1st time - Ban 2 days
2nd time - Ban 1 week
3rd time - Ban 2 weeks
4th time - Ban 1 month

Attempt RDM
1st time - Warning
2nd time - Slay
3rd time - Slay 2 rounds
4th time - Ban 24 hours
5th time - Ban 1 week

1st time - 2 weeks (no exceptiions)
2nd time - 1 month
3rd time - Perma ban

1st time - Gag/mute + warning.
2nd time - Gag/mute for a round*
3rd time - Ban 8 hours
* If you keep spamming in admin chat after being muted, you will be banned for 24 hours.

Harassment - Disrespect
1st time - Warning
2nd time - Kick
3rd time - Ban 24 hours
4th time - Ban 5 days

Ghosting, Hacking & Cheating
1st time - Ban 4 weeks
2nd time - Ban 8 weeks
* If anticheat detects a hacker it will perma ban automatically.

Porn/Gore Sprays
1st time - Warn
2nd time - Kick
3rd time - Ban 5 days

Punishments are subject to change under an admin's discretion.

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