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Last Stand Rules


No cheating or hacking of any kind. Do not use any scripts to give yourself an advantage.

No metagaming.[1] 

Teaming is up to the individual. You are responsible to take care of yourself.

• To invite people to your team press F2 and double click on the player you want to team with.

Do not manipulate any tools or the map itself to give yourself an unfair advantage.

Do not spam in either voice or text chat. This includes but is not limited to yelling in mic, playing music over mic, debating politics and religion.

Do not use any known slurs that are offensive towards a group of people.

No names, sprays, or profile pictures that are offensive, vulgar, or NSFW.

Do not intentionally delay the round.

Respect all players equally. Do not insult or harrass anyone. If you have a problem with a player, report them to an Admin. [2]

• All Admins are to treat each case fairly, so please respect their decisions.

Do not abuse the #help command.

• To change class press F3. Certain classes have certain requirements from other class.

[1] Metagaming includes but is not limited to dead players giving information to living players (ghosting). 
[2] Disrespect also includes, but is not limited to:
  • - Name-calling
  • - Harassment
  • - Slurs
  • - Racism, sexism, homophobia, etc

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