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Running for Operator xD

Big Grin 
I heard this is the official way you're supposed to apply for operator.

I don't know what to put here to apply.
I mean, I'm already an operator on prop hunt, and I'm currently a vip on TTT, and Zelf the other op told me to apply because he's the only op on here. I play on TTT quite a lot. I've been a operator of Prop Hunt for ten months and vip on TTT for nine and since I play here here a lot, I know the rules and commands and such. To be honest, TTT needs more mods/ops because for the problem to player ratio its like one out of every five players is a problem.

Plz support me in my running for operator, I am not racist like Donald Trump nor am I a liar like Hillary Clinton. :D

Make Gmod great again.
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[Image: 76561198149495171.png]

Got my vote.

The amount of Operators and Mods on TTT have been decreasing and there should be more.
A great Operator on Prop Hunt and I'm sure will be a great one on TTT as well.
This canidate is very promising.

Make Gmod great again! Big Grin

da fuck is this shite?
i approve
[Image: 96ca2f88862478549e1011803bb299ef.jpg]

Do I need to say more? She deserves the spot with all the time she puts on thou server. ^-^

Thanks guys x3

Update: Thanks Fry!
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[Image: 76561198149495171.png]

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