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Pro/Vip Giveaway

Big Grin
I am having a giveaway for 1 pro status and 3 vip status on the winners choice of server. I am also doing a giveaway on the Raz0r's Edge forums as well

Rules for the giveaway:
1. Be an attendee of any DMV/Raz0r's Edge server
2. Sign in to the forum and leave a post on this thread
3. Leave a link to your profile in your post in case you get selected
4. Winners will be selected at random on the 2/19/16 10pm EST.

And its just that simple.
Thanks to RTShinigami for the help on how to set this up.

yay a giveaway


pick me pick me
[Image: heoXMWQ.png]

Pick me porfavor señor, yo necissito la status de pro.

Hi i am inteh giveaway, you know who i am.

Sir Rumbleton Can not log in so i will be adding his name.

Pro Rank winner is
thezsham - Raz0rsedge Prop hunt

VIP Rank Winner's are:
ianjlafferty - Prophunt
Spongeaus98 - Prophunt
Sir Rumbleton - Prophunt

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