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RDMing Player.

So I was just playing TTT earlier and I was standing around because I was lagging, but when I came back I see that an innocent player killed me. I reported him and he said that he just wanted to RDM me for the fun of it. The second time, I was a traitor but I hadn't done anything at all and he killed me without proof at all. I reported him a second time, and he replied with a reason that wasn't related at all to the game. The third time he killed me, I was an innocent and I wasn't doing anything at all that would have been a traitorous act. I told him each time to quit rdming me but he refused to stop and said he thought it was funny. Later another player revealed to me that he was targeting me specifically because he didn't like me. He's been playing on the server for a long while (about nine months) and he knows the rules. This behavior of a regular of the server is unacceptable. Can sometimg be done about this player?

I agree that this is unacceptable for a regular to behave in this manner.
We can't have this going on letting others think that this is acceptable.
Whether it is a regular or not, status or not, rules are rules.

I'll look in to the matter and figure out an appropriate action.
[Image: 96ca2f88862478549e1011803bb299ef.jpg]

I talked to him when I died (he was slained for rdming) and his reasoning was very poor, he tried to say something different about his action to kill Pink. Because he first said that he rdmed her for pushing someone on a different map. And that is very poor reasoning still. Then he claimed that it wasn't for that reasons when I asked. And then I started telling him how pathetic that reason was to RDM her 3 times. And all he said was "meh." He was just trolling for not a good reason at all. He was targeting Pink for a while. He also said when she got upset and irritated, it was funny, he continued to rdm her because he knew his limits on rdm and knew he wasn't going to get banned on the server at that time. It is obvious, he was trolling.

Like Shini said. Whether he's a long time member or not, he shouldn't be targeting players and RDMing for the fun of it and just be let go of. He tried to avoid consequences by using the rules to his advantage. Something should be done.

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