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My Amazing Introduction to Awesomeness

I am a Prophunt Player.
And this is my Story.

On a small expanding town, a young, dashing, handsome boy was born(Did I mention awesome?). As the years passed he came to know how important he was to the universe. He knew that without him, the world would be dull and normal(Completely true brah). One day a cyborg-wizard-ninja came to see him to fortell the upcoming danger he would have to face. The Cyborg-wizard-ninja tells of a growing power that will one day end the world come and fight the boy and that the only way to win against the evil was to make him more awesome than before, so he decided to turn the boy into a Cyborg-wizard-ninja too( /Awesome-cyborg-wizard-ninja). But something was not right when the CWN was smirking with a sly smile. The boy did not notice the treachery that was about to unfold his destiny. He was turned into a bear.(IKR?!, its making me cry too.....)

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