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Ban appeal not reviewed for 2 days

I sent in a ban appeal for Prop Hunt after I was banned for supposedly using Auto-AIM two days ago, according to the ban list. Needless to say my appeal has still not been looked at and I have not received a confirmation email. I am wondering when I should be notified via email about the situation and get the ban reversed since I was not cheating. Unfortunately I didn't record the incident because I didn't think I would have to be cautious about being punished for no reason. I hope this is resolved within the next 24 hours.

It has now been 4 days and my appeal has yet to be reviewed (http://i.imgur.com/1Q2Pg1T.jpg). This is beyond ridiculous. It clearly says that ban appeals are checked "usally (usually)...within 24 hours," not 24 years.

All that I really can so is to ask you to be patient on this. I would imagine that there are other people who sent in their own ban appeals and other things that the higher ups have on their plate as far as the server goes as well as things in their own lives that is to be dealt with before problems concerning the server. We try to be as up to date as we possibly can and try to get through as many problems as we can as best as we can. I hope you understand and hold patience. Thanks!
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There were 2 Operators(Dr.Shadow and myself) and a couple Mods on at the time of your ban. Dr.Shadow noticed something suspicious and went into spectator to investigate. Upon investigating you, he noticed how your sights were trained on props locations through walls. That alone was not enough to go through with a ban. We had asked one of our regulars to hide in a location that was not a typical spot, and you hovered on her location way too often for it to be a coincidence.

Looking into your ban length 8 months is a bit excessive, so what I can do is reduce it to 1 month from the original ban date, but I cannot remove the ban unless there is more input from other Operators, Moderators, or the Owner.
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Alright, I'll go about this as nicely as I can...

Regarding your appeal situation, we don't all live online, it just doesn't work out that way. Yes, we try very hard to remain as professional as possible when it comes to working these things out as quickly as possible so you can wait a few more days. If you can't, well then you my friend may have an addiction problem which I would love to direct you to the internet addiction hotline 1-888-366-2335.

As for the ban itself, let me slow things down for you so you might understand it better. I've seen you before on the server a handful of times and have seen a few suspicious things that have raised red flags for me in the past. However, you were never in game long enough for me to investigate, no big deal. I saw you in server on the day of said ban and again, I just saw little things here and there that didn't add up so I went in spectator mode and watched you in first person mode. What that means, is what was on your screen was also on my screen and I could see exactly what you saw and aimed at.

A moderator was asked to hide in a normally illegal spot (texture glitch) because of my suspicions of you. You passed by them once and looked exactly at the location, came back and passed by again going the other direction and looked at the exact location again. You seem confused as you then came a third time and this time stared, kept your reticle, on their exact location before you walked away. This screamed something was amiss, and you would have been banned by anybody with the power after seeing this.

Unfortunately the incident wasn't recorded or you would have been uncautiously punished with very specific reason and purpose.

Yes, you were banned by me and you were at the mercy of my cursor and whatever random number of weeks it just happened to land on. BUT....I am a merciful god and will make sure your ban is reduced, however, if you are CAUGHT again then your ban will be longer and/or permanent.

TL;DR: Don't act like a spoiled child when you are caught doing something wrong and throw a tantrum when you don't get what you want right away.

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My IP is banned. I just tried to go on the server but it says I'm not allowed to join.

(08-13-2015, 01:59 PM)AssMaster69 Wrote: My IP is banned. I just tried to go on the server but it says I'm not allowed to join.

That is correct, your ban still remains, however, it will be reduced not done away with.

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If I'm still banned in any way it's not correct lol.

(08-13-2015, 02:15 PM)AssMaster69 Wrote: If I'm still banned in any way it's not correct lol.

It is completely correct, I gave you the exact reasoning why. Do not argue again, you are banned tentatively for 1 (ONE) month, but I reserve the right to extend it. Afterall, this isn't the first time you've been banned for doing the exact same thing. You were given a clean slate when the server changed owners, don't blow it. MasterFuckMachine...I mean AssMaster.

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You forgot some.

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