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All sprays have been fixed on servers

I have now fixed the spray issue on all the servers.

Here is a fix if you still can't see them:

Sometimes your console variables might get somehow changed and you will not be able to see sprays on all servers. To fix that you have to enter these commands into your console:

cl_allowdownload 1
cl_allowupload 1
cl_downloadfilter "all"
cl_playerspraydisable 0
r_spray_lifetime 2
r_decals 2048
r_drawdecals 1
mp_decals 99999

After entering all those commands, you should be able to see sprays again.

Once the settings have been changed you will need to reconnect
or wait for a map change.

Yaaasss i needed this , thanks fry!!

-sayonara \(^_^

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