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Hello! - spyfer - 08-08-2015

Hi guys, my ign is spyfer, but my real name is Tyler. I'm 18 and I just joined the server four days ago. Moving into college so I don't know how the internet will be or how active I'll be able to get on. I will when I can though because so far I like some of the community like Grenade and Pink and a few others Smile

I'm hugely into hip hop, but I also love other genres. Anything that has a good message, gets my heart going, or is just a nice jam. I'm also into horror, film in general, and lots of gaming. I also love conversations and I believe that's the greatest part that many online games provide (Including TF2, Garry's Mod)

I try to be funny, but I can also be an asshole sometimes. So if I'm ever an asshole don't be afraid to tell me.

We all have flaws, so it's okay to recognize the ones I have and change for the better.

Really excited to meet you guys and get to know everyone.


RE: Hello! - pink - 08-12-2015

Yeah bitches I see my name up there.